Zlatattack: Can Ibrahimovic Win the MLS the Respect it Craves?


With a worldie and a pretty decent header to open his account on his debut, can Zlatan Ibrahimovic help Major League Soccer over the line?

US soccer’s expensive and invariably aging imports have had mixed success in the years since David Beckham’s arrival in L.A. galvanized the league.

While Beckham put his heart into his American experiment, Steven Gerrard, for instance, always kept one eye on Anfield and Frank Lampard was a winding down his career in full public view in New York.

Now the big question is whether Zlatan can stamp his signature bravado on the MLS and help it take its place among the world’s top leagues? At 36, time is probably against him but if the US can also entice Ronaldo across the Atlantic before he’s drawing his pension then perhaps the oldies can be goodies and players may start to head to the States for the game rather than simply the sunshine.

Zlatan on His Way to L.A.


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