10 Reasons Why World Football is Better Than American Football


By Guest Football Writer Jimmy Keen

  1. The Commentary: Ex-Football players aren’t any smarter than ex-Soccer stars but at least you can watch the action in soccer and tune out the constant babbling of the has-beens trying to tell us what we can generally see with our own eyes. In American Football, the ratio of inaction to action is 10 to 1 – leaving us little choice but to listen to the “expert” analysts.
  2. The best team doesn’t always win in American Football. Do away with the archaic conferences. In soccer, the leagues are designed to find the best performing teams.
  3. WAGS
  4. Better Hair. How can they keep a sharp parting in a sweaty helmet?
  5. The commercial breaks. Dear God, how many do they fit in? At least they can only cram so many ads in during half-time in soccer. Every time the game stops in American Football we’re back with McDonald’s or Toyota. And that’s a lot. Actual play takes up only 11 minutes of the average football game, leaving about three hours for the network to fill with gibberish and commercials. Ads account for about an hour of a given football broadcast, making it nearly impossible to just sit, watch and enjoy a single football game without doing something else at the same time (ie drink).
  6. The Result. For all those people who complain about ties in soccer – you can get draws in American Football, too, people.
  7. Injuries. Okay, so soccer players are always clutching at their hamstrings and their calves and grimacing when an opposing player accidentally brushes their face. An average NFL season can mean up to 150 concussions – and 300 lb men running right at you. How many old football players do you see strutting around in the best health. No, I thought not!
  8. World Football really is the world’s game. Pretty much every country plays it. The World Cup is just that – a cup played for by teams around the globe. The Super Bowl doesn’t find a world champion, it finds the best team in America (and even then that’s often not the case)
  9. Relegation and promotion. The fight at the bottom of the league table in the EPL is just as entertaining as the fight to be best and there’s often even more at stake. Going down a division means a loss of millions and probably most of your best players. What does the worst team in American Football get? The top pick for the next season.
  10. It’s not just the Super Bowl. A top team in soccer can compete for the league, the cup, some cup with a sponsor’s name on it, the Champions League, the Europa Cup and then there’s all the international competitions; the World Cup, the Euros, the Confederations Cup, etc, etc.

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